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Law firm Gunilla Olsson AB

Our law firm is a modern and personal law firm with a special focus on family law, international private and family law, criminal cases and social law, especially cases concerning LVU.

The firm has two active lawyers – lawyer Gunilla Olsson and associate Disa Kongstad.

Turning to an experienced law firm in human rights litigation is extremely important and can directly affect the outcome. Much is not governed by law and with our experience we can advise you and support you in how you should act and what you can expect.

We prefer to be involved at as early a stage as possible in order to be there for our clients as much as possible. Therefore, do not hesitate to make an initial contact.


You are welcome to contact us by phone +468 – 667 91 98 or by e-mail

Head Office in Stockholm
Mälartorget 119
111 27 Stockholm
100 meters from the subway station Gamla Stan

Reception Office in Malmö
Advokaterna Nyblom & Sarvik
S.t. Gertrudsgatan 3
211 22 Malmö


A consultation is an introductory meeting where you are given the opportunity to ask questions regarding your individual situation to one of our active lawyers where they consequently give you advice and answers.

We offer fifteen minutes of free telephone consultation every weekday between 09.00 – 09.15 subject to availability.

In case you need further assistance, you are welcome to book a more thorough consultation. Such a consultation can be held both by telephone or in the office and usually lasts for about an hour. During this consultation, the lawyer can also analyze documents.

Please contact the office via email, telephone or contact form to book a consultation.

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