Custody, residence and visitation

A dispute over custody, residence and visitation is often divisive for several reasons. Through the law firm’s long experience and personal commitment, we help you through this. If you have questions about custody, residence or visitation call us or contact us through the website to book a personal meeting.

Everyone at the law firm undertakes assignments such as counsel regarding custody, residence and visitation.

If, after advice, you wish to proceed with the matter, the case usually starts with a letter to the other party or his representative where we legally argue for your and your child’s rights based on current legislation and practice. In some cases, an exchange of letters between the parties’ legal representatives is sufficient for an agreement to be reached on a sustainable solution. We will then help to establish an agreement where the issues are regulated in a binding way for the parties. In other cases, proceedings are initiated in court by filing a lawsuit.

After filing the lawsuit, the opposing party is given by the district court a certain number of weeks to submit a response stating his position and claims. If the parties are far apart, the district court sets the case out for an oral preparation where the parties, through the respective legal representatives, state their positions and legal basis for what they are seeking.

After the oral preparation, the district court announces decisions that can sometimes involve a change in the prevailing circumstances regarding custody, residence and visitation issues. In the oral preparation, the parties may also make requests for the district court to order the municipality to carry out an investigation into custody, residence and visitation. The investigation usually includes conversations with children, parents and in some cases school or preschool to investigate the parents’ ability to provide for the child’s needs. The investigation may also recommend which solution they consider to be in the best interest of the child.

When the results of the investigation have been reported to the court and the parties have submitted through their legal representatives what evidence they wish to present in support of their case, the district court sets the case out to the main hearing (trial). The judgement is normally given about three weeks after the main hearing.

As your counsel, we speak for you and exercise your rights throughout the process.

Matters relating to custody, residence and visitation can be financed both through legal protection, legal aid or private payment. The mode of financing that will be relevant depends on individual situations and circumstances. What applies to you is investigated during the initial consultation with the law firm.

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