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Attorney Gunilla Olsson AB is a modern and personal law firm with a special focus on family law, international private and family law, criminal cases and social law, especially cases concerning LVU. Gunilla Olsson also undertakes assignments as a mediator in family law matters.

The firm has two active lawyers – attorney Gunilla Olsson and associate Disa Kongstad.

Turning to an experienced law firm in human law processes is extremely important and can directly affect the outcome. A lot is not governed by law and with our experience we can advise you and support you in how to act and what to expect.

The law firm’s strength is that we work with both you who are children, mom or dad – as well as with both you who are exposed or suspected of a crime or You who are under the authorities’ duress. This means that we have a wide range of knowledge and can see how the other parties reason and act.

We prefer to be involved at the earliest possible stage in order to be there for you as much as possible. Do not hesitate to make an initial contact.

We help you find solutions regardless of the problem.

Our entire commitment and drive lie in the fact that we want it to be good for our clients and to reach a sustainable long-term solution.

We sit in pleasant premises at Mälartorget 19 in Gamla Stan with proximity to the bus and metro.

The law firm also has reception offices in central Malmö, which means that we do not charge extra for cases in Skåne than a lawyer who only works in Malmö does.

If the process is elsewhere, there may be travel costs and time wasting.

If you wish to book a consultation with one of our active lawyers, you are welcome to contact us on info@advokatgunillaolsson.se or on 08 – 667 91 98.

You can read more about how a consultation is done under ”Contact”.

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